Welcome to Sur Construction

Since the establishment of the company back in 1992 under EFFORT Investment Center, SUR Construction is the largest and leading local construction company in Ethiopia which has been massively involved in the construction of all kinds of Civil Engineering Construction works comprising but not limited to all types of Roads, Universities, Commercial and Social buildings, Industrial buildings, Sport Centers, Air ports, Hydropower, Irrigation and Dam Projects.

In the last two decades, the company has successfully managed the construction of over 100 different projects consisting of 41 Road projects including the longest river bridge in Ethiopia, 50 multi-purpose building projects, 3 Hydropower projects, 2 Air Ports, 2 Dam projects and 1 Irrigation project. 

Extending its construction services in Ethiopia, SUR Construction is not only the first local construction company undertaking Hydropower projects in a Joint Venture with world renowned construction companies but also has entered a new era of construction undertaking the 154m high Rock fill Asphalt Core Dam project which is listed as one of the highest asphalt core dams in the world.

The key success of the company is purely based on its committed and skilled 10,000 workforces comprising over 200 Engineers, 2,000 permanent employees and about 8,000 project employees blended with its over 1,500 construction equipment and machineries

SUR Construction targets to be top ten construction company in Africa by 2025 !